What is J-Techsha?

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About me

Photo of me I was born in Hong Kong immigrated to Vancouver when I was little. I liked science in high school, was not sure what I wanted to become and was convinced by my parents that I should become a dentist.

After two years of studying science courses in the University, I felt it was not a good fit for what I wanted to become and changed my major to Computer Science wanting to become a game programmer. At the time, my sister was already a professional web designer so she taught me a little about HTML and Javascript. I got hooked to web development right away since I was able to CREATE something and let the whole world see right away. I was inspired.

During the four years of majoring in computer science, I did not have any courses relating to web development. But since I knew I started computer science a lot later than many others (due to change in major), I was strict to myself and pushed myself to self study web programming languages such as ASP, PHP, MySQL, PERL / CGI, Javacript and Actionscript.

After graduating, I worked for various web development companies and am enjoying being a web developer. I'm excited about all the new technologies that are evolving (AJAX, HTML5, .NET, Ruby on Rails, iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and am looking forward to seeing lots more in the future.

When I'm not working, my hobbies are to enjoy my time with my wife, my chinchilla Minny and dog Chibi. Also, I both play and coach soccer for two different teams for Astro Football Club (AFC). My other hobbies are to play badminton, workout and just chilling with friends over drinks.

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What is J-Techsha?

company I wanted to find a word that would represent my identity, my skillsets and goals for this website. So, this is what I came up with. J is for Johnny and Tech is for technology. As for most languages, one pronouciation can mean several different things, in Japanese, the word "sha" can be used with another word to form the word warrior 武者 (bu-sha) or company 会社 (kai-sha). I think this makes a lot of sense to me as programmers tend to be like warriors when they work insanely hard. Sometimes they will work without eating nor sleeping for hours or even a day or two trying to resolve some tough bugs. (My record was working 52 hours straight while I was in my 4th year of school.) I believe a lot of dedicated programmers who have professional pride will agree with me on that. And the other meaning of sha (company) also makes sense as I'm trying to demonstrate the work I do through this personal website of mine.

The goal of this website is to showcase my work, test lab for technologies and to appreciate my friends and Astro soccer club. J-techsha has a black and a white color scheme. The white scheme is aimed to showcase pages that are more artistical or casual content and the black one for meant more to be for professional or technology use.