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My love for soccer!!!

Captain tsubasa I loved playing soccer since I was 6 years old. In fact... it is my favorite sport. My biggest inspiration in playing soccer was deeply influenced by the Japanese anime "Captain Tsubasa". When I was young, I played a lot of soccer had lots of glorious times. However, I stopped playing soccer when highschool began. The main reason was none of my close friends who I hung out with enjoyed soccer as much as I do and I didn't want to be distanced from them.

Despite I wasn't in any soccer team for years, I did play occasionally and enjoyed it a lot!! In year 2002, I gathered around with a new group of friends to play soccer because of the World Cup boom. A fairly new friend of mine, Albert Leung had never played much soccer before but was deeply addicted to it once we started . Ever since then, Albert has been playing soccer at least twice a week.

In year 2004, I came back from Japan after finishing and intership at Osaka Gas, Japan. Albert invited me to join the Astro soccer team. We were a new team then and was not at the same level as other teams who has been around for years. Despite that, everyone tried their hardest, supported each other and we had lots of fun. Sadly... I was feeling lots of pain from my old knee injury and left the team after the season was finished.

Recently, I have been feeling better and want to get involved into soccer again. Albert Leung kindly recommended me to become their coach for a second team from the Astro community, "Astromatics". Although, I haven't been playing as much, I have been enjoying it since I get to help others in improving their soccer skills. However, it is a lot of challenge since I have always been a player and had no coaching experience... Thanks Al for bringing me back!

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About Astro community

Astro Community is a soccer team that started out playing together on school pitches in 2004. We moved to Burnaby 8 Rinks in 2004 Winter for indoor soccer and there we found interest in building a team together. Through our 10 seasons as a Soccer team, we participated in the BCCSF and RCSL. 2009 Summer was our 5th year anniversary and we gathered our 200+ past/present team members to create our own soccer league which consist of 4 teams. We had our games at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex for the entire Summer on Mondays 7:30 to 10:30 PM. After so many successful years playing soccer together and creating our community, we would like to come together in 2010 and give something back to our community. If you are a soccer enthusiasts, we want you!


Photos from 3 on 3 soccer tournament 2009