Samples of work and companies I worked for!

Reinvent Technology

"Reinvent is about taking an idea, making it a reality and building it into something great. We own or operate nearly 600,000 domains that generate revenue through pay per click advertising. However, we’re committed to developing this real estate into independent businesses through our lab, or incubator model."

Mountain Interactive Inc.

"Established in 2000 and with over 100 successful web projects launched, Mountain Interactive has been successfully helping companies maximize the potential of the web. Originally known as Mountain Media Design, MII has a focused and experienced team with the confidence of a loyal and happy client base."

FCV Technology

"As one of BC's top 10 interactive agencies, we’re regularly trusted with short turnaround or large scale projects. "


"The original Lightmaker production pod was founded in 1997 and became successful through pioneering the use of Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash technology. Lightmaker cornered this niche market and established itself as a global leader in the development of Flash based solutions..."

RedLabel communications inc.

"A creative agency with locations in Vancouver and Calgary. We provide value driven marketing solutions, and whether you’re part of a large corporation or a small business owner, we’ll help you create messages that stick."

DreamZone Design + Communications & Co

"DreamZone Design + Communications started in 2004 as a small operation that offered web and print services to small and mid-size businesses. Since then, we have grown into a company with a reputation for doing outstanding work, excellent service and the ability to find the right solution. We make it our goal to help lift your brand and effectively communicate your message to your customers."

Studio Spice & Co

"In devising print materials, websites or broadcast media campaigns we develop and deliver sophisticated ways of getting core messages across. We help clients identify brand weaknesses and build on brand strengths, through a personalised approach and an emphasis on contemporary design, highly resolved creativity and a flawless professional finish. "

Osaka Gas

"Osaka Gas is a leading energy supplier with its core natural gas supply business serving 6.7 million customers in the Kansai Region. With its portfolio of diversified energy businesses, Osaka Gas is developing into a multi-energy services provider of natural gas, electricity, LPG, district heating/cooling, and other services. With its affiliated enterprises, the Osaka Gas Group is also active in various non-energy business fields. "

I developed a software to intelligently analyze workplace data and which recommend ways to improve the workplaces' efficiency and safety. The software was registered as a valid patent in Japan and featured in one of the news papers.

Newspaper article Recommendation Letter

Environment Canada

Worked mostly on an intranet site for the Canadian government which generated tables and charts to show real-time river / basin related data from around Canada.