My dear friends!!

Friendships are forever and I'm here to help!

Friendships are forever! This is what I believed and will continue to believe. I used to think friendship was the most important and even more everlasting than finding a girlfriend or my family members when I was in highschool. But now I know that family, loved ones and friendship are also equally important. I'm sorry that I have not been spending enough time with my friends, but I would like to dedicate this to you all!!

I'm currently looking for friends to connect with. I believe friends should help each other and two minds are always better than one... the more collective skill we have as a team, we'll do better. Currently, I'm looking for friends who don't mind taking photos or making graphics. But, if you believe we can work collaboratively in any way, let me know and we'll see if that could be a viable option for us both. We can trade service of equal values, refer business to each other and help each other promote our services too!